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Looking after yourselves 

With both in person and online classes, all participants are responsible for being aware of how their body is feeling on the day of the class and to ensure that they do not push themselves too far to cause injury.   Yoga  focuses on kindness and compassion and we must start by being kind to ourselves.  If a posture does not feel good that day, options may be given to allow participants to focus on what is needed.


By signing up to a class, you agree that you must inform the teacher before the start of the class of any current injuries or medical conditions, including each time you attend a class with a new teacher, whether or not you feel it is relevant to your  taking part in the class. AtWestCottage, and its teachers, will take all reasonable care in teaching you in class, based on the information you provide. Please acknowledge that any physical activity can involve some risk of injury and you assume any such risk and accept responsibility for any injury sustained, and discharge and hold harmless AtWest Cottage, and its teachers, from any liability arising from any injury to yourself.


COVID safety

Due to the current Covid restrictions and to ensure the safety of yourselves and others, all participants must:

-come dressed ready for the class (Please bring extra layers as the windows will be open to allow air flow)

-bring your own yoga mat, blanket and any props you feel may assist your practice.

-place mats in the designated areas to ensure appropriate social distancing.

-sanitise hands on entering and leaving the hall.

-book through the website to ensure the maximum class number is not exceeded.  If and when restrictions reduce, class numbers will be increased.

Mini and Junior Yogi Sessions 

Please ensure that the teacher has a contact number for you should you need to be contacted during the class.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately (in loose clothing) and has been to the toilet before the start of the class.  If your child is anxious or worried, you may be asked to remain close, in case they need some hugs from you to support them. If your child has any additional needs, please inform the teacher at the start of the class or at point of booking.  


One to One, and One to Group Sessions

Classes must be paid for in advance through the booking page. Any changes to class times, or cancellations must be made THREE HOURS in advance of the start time of the class. Please note your instructor may have commitments straight after, so start times and end times must be adhered to. If you are  late for the class, your instructor will try to teach the full class time but reserves the right to finish the class at the agreed time. If your instructor is less than 20 minutes late, the missed time will be added onto a future class. If more than 20 minutes, you will have the right to a free one to one session.


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